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You can listen to the pieces, but please understand that these are computer-generated sounds and real instruments will sound different.

A Lute Lullaby – by John Dowland, English lutist
254 kb Download
A Sacred Evening Song – by Englebert Humperdink 232 kb  Download
A Wish – melody by Frederick Chopin 244 kb  Download
Abide With Me – by W. H. Monk
271 kb  Download
Adios Muchachos – by Julio Sanders
469 kb  Download
Allelujah, J. S. Bach, from Motet VI, “Praise the Lord All Ye Nations”

129 kb  Download
Allemande – by Johann Herman Scheid

246 kb  Download
Amen – by Johann Sebastian Bach, from his “Magnificat”

1,057 kb  Download
Andante Con Moto – by Milton Dietrich

337 kb  Download
Andante Sostenute – by David Uber

269 kb  Download
Asleep in the Deep — by H. W. Petrie, arr. George Trinkaus

248 kb  Download
At the Feast — a rollicking march that will challenge any good tuba quartet

460 kb  Download
Aura Lee – traditional American

254 kb  Download
Austrian Oktoberfest – traditional Austrian tunes, arranged by Rudolf Bodingbauer

128 kb  Download
Ave Maria – the famous choral work for seven male voices, by Franz Bieble, arranged here for tuba quartet

360 kb  Download
Barbara Allen – traditional Irish

275 kb  Download
Barley Break – by William Boyd

384 kb  Download
Behold, the Bridegroom Comes, anonymous composer, a Kievian chant from the Russian Orthodox tradition


400 kb  Download
Beneath Your Compassion – by Dmitro Bortnianski, from the Russian Orthodox liturgy

298 kb  Download
Bier Her! Bier Her! – rousing German drinking song

198 kb  Download
Bouncy – a fun piece by Daniel Miller

118 kb  Download
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day — by Arthur Sullivan

444 kb  Download
By the Old Wishing Well – an old barbershop favorite set for T4
371 kb  Download
Cantique de Jean Racine – great Renaissance music by Gabriel Faure

452 kb  Download
Canzon 13 – by Giovanni Paolo Cima

355 kb  Download
Canzon 7 – by Rognodi Taieggio

381 kb  Download
Canzon 9 – by Costazo Antegniatti

495 kb  Download
Canzon from the Pelplin Tablature – a rare find by Jay Litchmann

133 kb  Download
Canzon La Gentile – by Andrea Cesta
124 kb  Download
Canzon per Sonare No. 2 — the old classic – play it if you can — Score and Parts
561 kb  Download
Canzon per sonare No. 3 – by Giovanni Gabrielli
398 kb  Download
Canzon Sesta, by Francesco Rovigo

338 kb  Download
Carillon, from George Bizet’s “L’Arlesienne” suite

520 kb  Download
Celtic Lament, by contemporary Australian composer Kate Agioritis — Score and Parts
463 kb  Download
Cherubic Hymn No. 1 – by Dmytro Bortnianski, in the Russian Orthodox tradition
444 kb  Download
Cherubic Hymn No. 2 — by Dmytro Bortniansky

392 kb  Download
Cherubic Hymn No. 7 – by Ukranian composer Dmytro Bornianski

346 kb  Download
Children’s Prayer – by Englebert Humperdink, from his opera “Hansel and Gretel”

349 kb  Download
Choral – originally composed for organ by Joseph Jongen

422 kb  Download
Chorale – by Robert Schumann

252 kb  Download
Clorinda False Adieu – a heartbreaker by Thomas Morley
224 kb  Download
Come Again Sweet Love – by John Dowland
207 kb  Download

Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming – a Stephen Foster favorite
613 kb  Download

Come, Let Us Drink – by Arthur Sullivan
359 kb  Download
Comes the Morning – by Thomas Campion, arranged by Robert Eliason

236 kb  Download
Coney Island Washboard — great barbershop piece arranged for tuba quartet
628 kb  Download

Courtin’ Song – originally for male chorus by Estonian composer Veljo Tormis
592 kb  Download
Creepy, Crawley Things and Midnight – by Stevan Massey
403 kb  Download

Deep River – traditional American

257 kb  Download
Drinking Songs — some old favorites to imbibe by
355 kb  Download
Easter Hallelujah – by contemporary Estonian composer Maimu Miido
323 kb  Download
Edelweiss – tempo de Julie Andrews

73 kb  Download
Fair Phyllis I Saw Sitting All Alone – by John Farmer
354 kb  Download
Fantasia for the Spanish Guitar – adapted from I. A. Nuske’s fantasia
408 kb  Download
Farewell (Abscheid) – by Franz Lizst

357 kb  Download
Flatfooted Waltz — an Estonian folk dance
373 kb  Download
Flower Duet – by Leo Delibres from his opera “Lakme”
368 kb  Download
For Aniila – a gem by contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt

251 kb  Download
For Elizabeth (Für Liesabeth) – by contemporary Austrian composer Rudolf Bodingbauer

311 kb  Download
For Four in Five Four — nifty little piece by Martin Staub

507 kb  Download
Forest Flowers — traditional Finnish folk song
360 kb  Download
Fugue in D minor – organ piece by Johann Sebastian Bach

391 kb  Download
Fugue in G minor — the famous Bach organ fugue, set for tuba quartet

314 kb  Download
Gagliarda No. 7 – by Giovanni Francesco Aneiro

425 kb  Download
Galway Bay – by Arthur Colahan 69 kb  Download
Gaudeamus Igitur – and old German student song

225 kb  Download
Gift of Peace – by Cynthia Dobrinski

578 kb  Download
Gladsome Light – powerful Russian church music by Alexander Kopylov

333 kb  Download
Glory to God in the Highest — a Russian orthodox chant by the Ukrainian composer Dmitri Bortniansky

602 kb  Download
Grandmother’s Spinning Song — Traditional Estonian
566 kb  Download
Hail, Smiling Morn – a Resaissance happy song by Reginald Spofforth
117 kb  Download
Here I Am, Lord – a beautiful hymn by contemporary American composer Daniel Shutte

295 kb  Download
How Dry I Am — traditional American barbershop lament 217 kb  Download
I Come to the Garden Alone – a most popular hymn by C. Austen Miles

256 kb  Download
I Give You a New Commandment – a hymn by contemporary Swedish tenor and composer Peter Nardone

295 kb  Download
I Know a Young Maiden — Italian madrigal

348 kb  Download
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows — the song Judy Garland made famous

319 kb  Download
I’m Getting Sentimental Over You — the famous Tommy Dorsey hit

326 kb  Download
If Ye Love Me – love song by Thomas Tallis

80 kb  Download
In a Minor Mood — a terrific ragtime piano song, made for a tuba quartet

546 kb  Download
Irish Lullaby – traditional Irish

375 kb  Download
Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair — by Stephen Foster

280 kb  Download
Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog – (He Was a Good Friend of Mine) – by Hoyt Axton

614 kb  Download
Kalinka — a rousing Russian melody

599 kb  Download
Krakowiak — traditional Polish dance from the Kracow region

1,370 kb  Download
Largo – from the “The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace” by contemporary Welsh composer Karl Jenkins

307 kb  Download
Leaving Is Such Sweet Sorrow — by Stevan Massey

321 kb  Download
Litany of Supplication — from the Russian Orthodox liturgy

374 kb  Download
Little Blue Bird (Sinikirja Linnukene) – Traditional Estonian, arranged by contemporary composer Erki Meister

312 kb  Download
Lullaby — by George Gershwin

728 kb  Download
Lydia – from Gabriel Faure’s “Deux Chansons”

396 kb  Download
Madrigal for Brass — by New Hampshire composer Chester Minkler

601 kb  Download
Maori Lullaby – Traditional tune from New Zealand

352 kb  Download
Margie — how I love ya, how I love ya..

299 kb  Download
Meadows and Woods — a pastoral stroll in Austria

246 kb  Download
Melody from the Kiev Caves Monastery — in the Russian Orthodox tradition

341 kb  Download
Men of Harlech — traditional Welsh march

402 kb  Download
Morning Prayer – traditional Estonian folk tune, arr. Paul Eduard Vesilind

333 kb  Download
Musica Scara — contemporary sacred music

239 kb  Download
My Heart It Cannot Die – by Madelena Casulane, Italian madrigal

348 kb  Download
My Lord What a Mornin’ – traditional American spiritual

331 kb  Download
Myfanwy — traditional Welsh male choir favorite

360 kb  Download
Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen – Traditional American

264 kb  Download
O Happy Day – great uplifting spiritual

151 kb  Download
O Power of Love – by Dmytro Bortnianski, Ukrainian church music

278 kb  Download
O Taste and See – by Ralph Vaughan Williams

280 kb  Download
Ode to Joy

386 kb  Download
Ol’ Man River
460 kb  Download
Old Drinking Songs
423 kb  Download
Old Susanna at Home (with apologies to Stephen Foster)

366 kb  Download
On Wings of Song – by Felix Mendelssohn

333 kb  Download
Once In Love With Amy — a Ray Bolger hit

107 kb  Download
Over the Hills and Far Away – traditional American
270 kb  Download
Pastime with Good Company – attributed to Henry VIII, a wonderfully happy melody
425 kb  Download
Pavan – by Gaspar Sanz
429 kb  Download
Peasants’ Pageant — folk dancing 486 kb  Download
Pilgrims’ Chorus from Tannhauser
501 kb  Download
Planxty Irwin — by Turlough O’Carolan, famous Irish harpist
265 kb  Download
Polka Dots and Moonbeams – by Jimmy van Heusen
78 kb  Download
Resignation March – anonymous, French origin
372 kb  Download
Rule Brittania – credited to Thomas Arne
284 kb  Download
Sacred Texts – adapted from the music of Hildegard von Binghen
122 kb  Download
Sanctus – from contemporary Estonian composer Urmas Sisask’s “Gloria Patri” 149 kb  Download
Sarabande and Carillon – by Louis Couperin
450 kb  Download
Scarborough Fair – traditional English
88 kb  Download
Scottish Airs
408 kb  Download
See, the Conquering Hero Comes — by Georg Frederich Handel
253 kb  Download
Seeking the Twelfth Tone – by Andrea Gabrieli
644 kb  Download
Seven Melancholy Madrigals – by Irish lutist John Dowland
833 kb  Download
Seven Old Ladies Locked in a Lav’otry
366 kb  Download
Shall I Wasting in Despair – old English, origin unknown
63 kb  Download
Sheep May Safely Graze – by Johann Sebastian Bach
350 kb  Download
Shout and Whoop It Up! — a rousing Estonian happy song by Ester Mägi
394 kb  Download
Simple Gifts
367 kb  Download
Sleepers Awake – by Johann Sebastian Bach
305 kb  Download
Somos El Barco – great Spanish-American piece
372 kb  Download
Sonata from Die Bankersangerlieder – a popular brass quintet piece arranged for tuba quartet
139 kb  Download
Sonatina No. 1 – by Joseph Forestier
217 kb  Download
Song of the Grave — a Finnish epitath
309 kb  Download
Song of the Volga Boatmen – traditional Russian
412 kb  Download
Songs of the Ancient Sea — originally for male chorus by contemporary Estonian composer Vello Tormis
148 kb  Download
South African Lullaby
244 kb  Download
Spinning Song — from the German folk tradition
589 kb  Download
Spirit of Life — beautiful hymn by contemporary composer Carolyn McDade
202 kb  Download
St.Anthony’s Chorale — beautiful choral work for T4
301 kb  Download
Starfish, I Greet You (Meerstern ich dich Grüsse) – traditional German
80 kb  Download
Strawberry Fair – traditional English, originally arranged by Nic Smith
394 kb  Download
Sweet is the Budding Spring of Love – ahhhhh!
76 kb  Download
The Battle of Prague – by Frantisek Kotswara

367 kb  Download
The Celebration — Georg Philipp Telemann
361 kb  Download
The Cricket (El Grillo) – great Spanish favorite
83 kb  Download
The Elephant – from Camille Saint-Saens “Carnival of the Animals”
402 kb  Download
The Evening Star (Der Abenstern) – by Robert Schumann
225 kb  Download
The Harp That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls – traditional Irish
250 kb  Download
The King Shall Rejoice – from the Russian Orthodox liturgy, by Dmytro Bortnianski
284 kb  Download
The Livery Stable Blues – early jazz hit
686 kb  Download
The Lord Is My Shepherd — from the BBS production “The Vicar of Dibley”
425 kb  Download
The Minstrel Boy — Traditional Irish
305 kb  Download
The Northern Spirit – by Estonian composer Mart Saar
137 kb  Download
The Pope — from the Yale song book
257 kb  Download
The Silence – by contemporary Italian composer Ilio Volante
696 kb  Download
The Song of Life – a statement of life by contemporary English composer Michael Sandelson
353 kb  Download
The Swan — by Camille Saint-Saens, from the “Carnival of the Animals”, second tuba solo
371 kb  Download
The Troparion – anonymous composer, from the Russian Orthodox liturgy
341 kb  Download
Three Baroque Miniatures – by Benedetto Marcello
810 kb  Download
Three Blind Mice – traditional American
354 kb  Download
Time of Awakening (Ärkamise Aeg) – by contemporary Estonian composer Rene Eespere
97 kb  Download
Tit Willow — by Arthur Sullivan
269 kb  Download
To Hope – by contemporary Swiss engineer, scientist, and composer Stephane Magnenat
264 kb  Download
Trisch Trasch and Other Trash – with apologies to Johann Strauss and others
1,359 kb  Download
Tuba Euphorium – based on a whimsical composition by Martin Staub
188 kb  Download
Tuljak – a fun romp of Estonian folk tunes by Miina Härma
544 kb  Download
Two German Dances – arranged by Valentin Haussman, assisted by Ludwig von Beethhoven and Rudolph Bodingbauer 349 kb  Download
Two Old Swedish Tunes – Traditional folk melodies

109 kb  Download
Two Welsh Hymns – traditional Welsh 349 kb  Download
Vesper Hymn — sometimes attributed to Ukrainian composer Dmytro Bortnianski
237 kb  Download
Vilia — by Franz Lehar from his operetta “The Merry Widow” 177 kb  Download
We Hasten With Feeling — from a cantata by J. S. Bach 384 kb  Download
We’ll Meet Again — WWII favorite
416 kb  Download
Wedding Day at Troldhaugen — Edward Grieg, Norgwegian folk music 466 kb  Download
Wee Cooper of Fife – traditional Scottish, arranged by Nic Smith 295 kb  Download
Who Would Like to Know – by Pierre Sandrin 407 kb  Download
Why Are You So Anxious — a contemporary Finnish piece 284 kb  Download